When To Call A Girl For The First Time

Here’s a video of Kezia from PUA Training talking about when to call a girl for the first time after getting her phone number…

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Here’s some casual observations by yours truly:

- What was up with the frozen frame from last season’s “The Pick Up Artist”?

- Why all the cheesy injected stock photos?

- Speaking of “INJECTED”… does anyone else think Kezia’s lips look like they are going to pop?

- Speaking of “POP”… did anyone notice all the hissing and popping in this video… such poor audio!

I know I was DROOLING while watching this video…

…that fine China and that creamer set in the background looked TO DIE FOR!

…and that armoire would be GREAT in my bedroom…


…Speaking of “INJECTED” and “POP”, did anyone pay attention to anything OTHER than Kezia’s CLEAVAGE in this video?

Yes kids, Mack’s shallower than a bird bath just like you! TWEET, TWEET!

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