Who Wants To Be A Real Social Dynamics Volunteer Bitchboy?

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In the past, I’ve talked about volunteering in order to meet women…. but how about volunteering to meet MEN?!

Rather than donating your time to a nonprofit charitable organization like United Way in hopes of getting pussy… how about volunteering for Real Social Dynamics (a men’s dating company) in order to meet a temporary new bro!!

In fact, they even have a website dedicated to it: http://www.rsdvolunteer.com/

So what does a RSD volunteer do?

You basically drive their instructors around…

Let them sleep on your couch…

And you find free places where they can host their seminars…

So what do you get in return for being an RSD bitchboy?

…a free bootcamp?

…maybe a free coaching session?


You get the luxury of “meeting” RSD instructors… presumably while you’re driving their ass around on your dime…

In addition, it “will be an opportunity for you to learn about the RSD culture and make new friends”…

…yeah, because everyone wants more “friends” who mooch off them by demanding to be chauffeured around like Miss Daisy while later banging chicks in their bed… (That might not necessarily be the case, but that’s my perceived opinion based on reading their site…)

And don’t go thinking you’re going to automatically weasel your way from an unpaidvolunteer” to an unpaidintern“… “but some volunteers may be recruited for internship.” WOW, lucky them!

Still sound good to you?

Fine… just send them a bunch of personal information along with “a short 500 word personal bio telling us about your life. (work experience, personal interests, hobbies)”…

You know, because work experience is very important… they don’t want to sleep for free on some McDonald’s fry cooker’s couch for fuck sake!

Seriously, these guys are charging thousands of dollars per bootcamp student YET they still, in my opinion, try to mooch transportation and rooming for their instructors from unpaid “volunteers”.. ?

What next, is Donald Trump going to ask for volunteers to wipe his ass, fluff him when he can’t get it up and blow on his soup when it’s too hot?

Here’s The Truth About It!

This isn’t only a Real Social Dynamics thing… they just happened to buy a domain and make their call for volunteers public…

I’ve known for years that many of the big name PUA companies use their “fans” to get free work done and to promote their business…

I’ve seen naive friends get used by the biggest names in the business… back in the day, I even had one big name guru try to proposition me for a “job” with his company… I said “send me the job offer with the salary and benefits listed”… I never heard back, because I’m sure he was just fishing for another naive starry-eyed bitchboy who would work for free…

Maybe these companies are taking advantage of inexperienced socially-inept guys who don’t know better… but in reality, if you are dumb enough to bust your balls without pay just to put money in another man’s pocket - you fucking deserve what you get!

Why I’m REALLY Making This Rant

To be honest, I’m writing this because I’m really fucking JEALOUS…

I want “volunteers” too, dammit!

If you want to become a eSeduce volunteer, Facebook me yo!

I got a toilet that needs scrubbing and a pile of dirty laundry that isn’t going to wash itself…

Hit me up bro, I can’t promise that you’ll become an unpaid intern of eSeduce… but I promise to keep the grunting to a minimum while I’m poking your old lady as you iron my shirts…

It’s casual,

Mack Tight

P.S. - I’m actually a fan of Real Social Dynamics. Jeffy, Brad, Alexander, Julien and Tyler are pooping out some good shit lately. I’m digging their scenic videos packed with good advice. Keep up the good fucking work guys, Mack approves! (…and I know my approval means the fucking world to you.) Just stop fishing for bitchboys and someone give Tyler a couple horse tranquilizers to turn his hyper ass down from a 11 back to a 8 where it belongs.

* Everything in quotes (”") above is taken directly from the RSD Voluneer site. All other comments in this article are strictly opinion.

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