Why Asian Men Have A Hard Time Dating White And Black Women

Ryker KohRyker Koh is the creator of the new Asian Dating Superstars program. Here’s an article by him on why Asian men have problems dating women of different races and what they can do about it…


Many Asian men fail to date the women they truly desire. They usually blame their lack of success to racism and the fact that they are Asian.

Just how true is this statement?

The truth is that occasionally race does have something to do with it. Women do notice which race you are and what you look like but not as much as you may think. There are women out there who are not into Asians, but then again, there are women out there who are not into white guys, black guys and every other race on the planet.

It’s just simple human nature.

So what’s the real problem here?

The real problem is that many Asian guys have convinced themselves that the women they desire will not find them attractive.

They have gotten this limiting belief at a young age. Perhaps it was engraved in their minds from media stereotypes or from being raised in an overly-conservative household. They are convinced that they’re doomed to fail when they approach beautiful women of any race.

The sad truth is that Asian guys who think like this simply don’t allow themselves the permission to follow their heart to date the women they honestly desire. The pain and frustration they feel lowers their self-esteem and makes them feel worthless and asexual.

The only way out is to find mentors or shining examples of other Asian guys who have succeeded before and use them as a benchmark, to break the whole stereotype and shatter this limiting belief.

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-Ryker Koh

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