Why I finally accept the term “pick up artist”

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Bob RossI never liked the term “pick up artist”.

I didn’t think it made us sound “sleazy” or anything. I just didn’t like the word “artist”.

I picture “artists” as hippies with paint brushes like Bob Ross.

I was watching a PBS nature program about sexual selection in nature. It was fascinating.

A lot of the theories in the seduction community come from studies of animals such as peacocking, testing and alpha males.

In the program it showed how male animals and insects use dances, songs and their own creations to attract mates.

One scientist made the statement:

“Natural selection is engineering; sexual selection is art”

That statement blew me away.

When I was an AFC I tried to use a logical engineering approach with women. It was cold, calculated and boring.

I think I needed to take a more “artistic” approach instead. I needed to analyze the thoughts of my audience. I needed to create stories and paint imaging that were entertaining toward my potential customers. I needed to learn how to invoke feelings and emotions from them.

So I now finally feel the term “pick up artist” is a suitable name for someone who is successful interacting with women.

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  • Matt Savage
    April 23rd, 2008 at 11:54 am

    I’ve always liked the term “seduction artist”, it sounds better to me and doesn’t have as much negative connotation as “pick up artist.” But I guess it’s really just a matter of semantics, as long as I’m getting laid I don’t care what I’m labeled.

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