Why is David Wygant talking about politics?

David Wygant dating coachI like David Wygant as a guru. He has intriguing ideas and he is a good speaker. He is like the older and wiser brother you never had who has been through it all and is helping you out.

He’s got a “Fonzie” vibe to him.

What baffles me though is some of the things he writes that are totally unrelated to dating. Some of it is completely unnecessary and potentially offends his current and potential customers.

I first encountered this when he sent the following email to his mailing list. Keep in mind reading it that I’m a state-side computer programmer by trade.

…I’ve been talking to every web designer from >>omitted outsourcing site<<. The prices are fantastic - it's amazing how much you can save by working offshore. I felt like something was missing though.

I want to get someone involved who is part of my community. I want it to be someone who reads the blog or who has experienced my products. My whole business is built on passion, and I'd love to add a new member to the team.

So here's the deal. Even though it's much cheaper for me to hire someone in India, I'd much rather give a bootcamp and copies of all my products away to someone who can't afford them in exchange for the redesign of my website.

I would rather help someone who can't afford to be helped, than pay someone to do this job. Of course, it takes a lot less of my time if I pay someone. I would much rather, however, give someone the opportunity to experience one of the bootcamps and learn from all my products...

I need to get this site finished over the next few weeks . . . so time is not on our side.

First of all, anyone who can program his site can probably afford his products. Us computer programmers do not work for peanuts and ramen noodles.

Secondly, don’t piss on my leg and tell me it’s raining. David is sending out this invitation to save himself the money to get his site made.

Last but not least, do not talk about the greatness of outsourcing when your target audience is US computer programmers.

Now he is making posts about politics on his blog. I think he should be reading my blog instead of me reading his.

Here are some exerts from his post:

As dumb as I think George Bush is…

…if we would ask Bill Clinton to participate in The Wygant Poll, he would say that Hillary is NOT dateable (because Bill would prefer to be with pretty much any woman who is not his wife)

Would you rather wake up and have a cup of coffee with Hillary without makeup (which could be very scary)…

I think I’m friends with Obama on myspace.com

There’s really only one candidate, but there were two: Huckleberry and McCain. I’m glad I don’t have to worry about having to have coffee with Huckleberry, and I really don’t know whether or not I would like to have coffee with Grandpa John

I do not think that “Hillary” and “orgasm” belong in the same sentence together

Duhhh, I wonder which candidate David is a fan of?!?

I particularly find the “Grandpa John” comment misguided. David himself isn’t necessarily a spring chicken compared to other gurus who are in their 20’s and 30’s. The seduction community stresses age isn’t a big deal. So why is David mocking John McCain’s age?

For that matter, why the misogynistic comments about Hillary and the childishness of calling Mike Huckabee “Huckleberry”?

Anyone who is not an Obama supporter will probably be pissed off by this post. I’m politically neutral and open-minded and the post still pisses me off because it is so ignorant.

It tries to be a topical post that is silly and funny that can be tied back to dating but it missed its mark.

David, please stick to your “fluff” posts like “How To Properly Use Your Boner” and “Whats Up With Fake Boobs?”

Do you agree with me or am I just being too reactive?

Please read my related post “Why I make it a point to avoid talking about politics” if you haven’t already.

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