Why PUA Tactics DON’T Work In College

Entropy PUA recently came out with a new audio program called Man on Campus: The Guide to College Game that teaches guys college pickup game

Here’s his article on why he thinks typical PUA tactics won’t work in college… Leave a comment on if you agree with him or not…

To all of the college guys out there, you SHOULDN’T be using the classic pick up lines.


Take this into consideration: the classic pick up theory, all the stuff that we’ve all read and loved for years was developed with one environment in mind: cold approach, primarily in bars and clubs where you know next to no one.

College is completely different.

The reason is because of one thing: reputation.

The fact that you have to continue to see the same girls repeatedly for months and years (not to mention their friends), means that you need to be a lot more concerned with the impression you’re making when you’re trying to pick up girls.

For instance, if you get blown out in a club, it’s not big deal. You shake it off and NEXT!

But in college, you have to go to that same class for months and see that girl 3-4 times a week. Her friends may live down the hall from you. You may run into her at parties.

This can create NEGATIVE social proof for you.

That’s why the game changes in college. You have to adjust your approaches and adjust your style accordingly.

You should concentrate primarily on generating SOCIAL PROOF — creating good impressions and then using that “reputation” to springboard you when you DO decide to game the girls.

This often means approaching to make friends first and then gaming at specific times later on (since you’ll be seeing them repeatedly).

I know this may sound a bit confusing, but I’ve created an audio course for this style of game.

Check it out here.

This style of game can also apply if you’re out of college and are interested in expanding your social circle as he provides some awesome bonuses that help you with that.

- Entropy