RSD Alex REVEALS Why He Left Real Social Dynamics (DRAMA ALERT!)

RSD Alexander left Real Social Dynamics last year. He now calls himself “Alex Social” and has created his own company, Alex Social Inc.

So what happened? No one from either side really talked about it. That was until Alex answered a few viewers questions in a video late last week.

In it, he reveals some of the juicy drama that went on behind the scenes. He reveals why he left. And he mentions who from RSD he still stays in contact with and who he has beef with.

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DISCLAIMER: Everything I write here is my opinions and interpretations of what Alex says in the above video. I cannot verify that what he says is fact and do not imply that it is in this article.

So in jest, Alex says there was 17 reasons why he left Real Social Dynamics. But the main reason was money. He didn’t feel like he was being fairly compensated. He also says that he felt like his contributions to the company were not appreciated.

Here’s some notes I took when watching it. These are the key notes of what Alex says:

- Alex was suicidal and self-destructive leading up to his leaving. He was apparently drinking a lot.

- Alex thought there was some misogynistic teachings being promoted by other coaches that he did not agree with.

- Tyler apparently could not present his “Hot Seat” seminar in-person outside of the U.S. due to travel limitations. So Tyler had Julien Blanc, a newer RSD coach, present his Hot Seat because Julien would do it for free. Tyler’s Hot Seat was obviously a big draw. This meant Julien received extra exposure and promotion that Alex felt he deserved since he was with the company longer. In addition, the Hot Seat was a way to promote a weekend bootcamp as an upsell. This gave Julien extra bootcamp clients and thus more commissions.

- Due to a change in a contract, Alex was paid less than RSD Jeffy for “Hot Seats”. He said Hot Seats cost attendees $300 and Jeffy received $110-$140 per attendee compared to Alex’s $70. Alex also mentions that during one weekend, Jeffy made $14,000 compared to his $4000.

- Real Social Dynamics (RSD) is co-created by Owen Cook AKA “RSD Tyler” and Nick Kho. Alex said Tyler is talented but has financial concerns. He then said Nick is not talented but had the money.

- He then makes some seemingly disparaging remarks about how RSD is managed. He says he hated one of main owners who reaped the money but had no accountability for those who made him his money. He says he didn’t care and was aggressive. He says that the co-owner’s doctrine for running the business was similar to Trump University. Who do you think Alex was referring to? The “aggressive” bit seems like Tyler/Owen. The “Trump University” bit sounds like Nick since his dad was a high-up for DeVry University. But there’s been rumors going around for years that Alex was not a fan of Tyler, so it’s likely him.

- Alex brought his idea of a “4 Week Natural” program to management and was told “it will never work, it is ridiculous”.

- Alex stated some money figures that gives us an idea of what his earnings were from being a RSD instructor. He says that even if he only had 3 “4 Week Natural” students who paid $3000 per month and he only got a third of that, he’d still be making five times what he was making normally. I’m not positive that I interpreted that right, but that would mean he made $3000/3 x 3 / 5 = $600 per month. I’m usually good with math, but that seems low and doesn’t make sense considering he previously claimed to have made $4000 in a weekend from Hotseat. What did I misinterpret?

- Alex said he was ultimately “heart broken” and that meant it was his time to leave RSD.

- He claimed that management “encouraged” Julian to do outlandish things to drum up publicity. But when the bad publicity came, Tyler made no visible effort to stand up for him.

- Alex claimed that it was typical for RSD to take 75% of the earnings for live events while Alex received 25%.

- Alex had good things to say about RSD Max, RSD Madison and even Julien. He says he stays in touch with RSD Brad Branson, who now goes by his real name Wade Alters.

- He said that Tyler and him were never close and often didn’t see eye-to-eye.

- He was under a contract with RSD that didn’t have an expiration date on it. He seeked legal advice from many lawyers to ensure he left the party in a way where there was no legal recourse.

- RSD management tried to make a clause preventing him from working in the “social advice” industry for 4 years.

After just 4 days, it has become the 3rd most viewed video on his YouTube channel. At the time of this writing, it’s had 1414 thumbs up and 485 thumbs down.

Current RSD coach Jeff Allen AKA RSD Jeffy AKA jlaix commented on the video. He made light over the fact that Alex said Jeff made money than he could spend.

“Jeff had more money than he could spend” - oh trust me mate, I spent it. Where there’s a will, there’s a way lol

Former RSD coach Wade Alters also commented on the video.

Good to see you back in the game man! Still trying to swing Croatia with ya this summer. :)

As for me, I’ve been a huge fan of Alex for some time. I’ve been watching his videos for years. He gives good advice and seems like a very charismatic guy. I wish him the best with his company and with the upcoming launch of his Daygame Phonegame program.

I want to give both Alex and any current or former RSD coach/owner an opportunity to elaborate or share their side of the story. I want to be fair and as factual as possible. Please leave a comment below or email me it. I’ll be sure to add it.

It’s casual,

Mack Tight

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