#1 Reason She Won’t Have Sex with You (even if she wants to)

Here’s an article by seduction expert Bobby Rio about the biggest reason girls will NOT have sex with
you even if they want to…

He also reveals the 2 most powerful ways to overcome this resistance…


Let me ask you this: Have you ever went to a car dealership, seen a whip you really REALLY liked, and STILL left empty handed?

Why didn’t you buy it?

You didn’t buy for the same reason a girl doesn’t hook up with you even if she truly wants to…

She’s afraid of making a mistake. She’s afraid of buying a LEMON…

National Lampoons Vacation Station Wagon

Its NOT lack of desire that keeps you from getting the car…

What stops you is:

- The thought of your bros busting your chops for paying too much
- Worrying that the sales person is going to pressure you to sign something you shouldn’t
- Being potentially stuck with a lemon
- What if the next dealership has a better car at a cheaper price

Well, girls have similar thoughts about YOU…

What if you’re a LEMON. What if hooking up with you turns out to be a big mistake?

- What if you get psycho? Clingy? Possessive?

Or what if you bang her… and then completely ignore her?

She doesn’t want to feel stupid. So its easy for her to put off texting you back, kissing you, or going back to your place.

It’s very similar to you telling the car seller “I’m only looking right now” … even when you really want to buy it on the spot.

So what’s the solution?

==> this video reveals the 4 biggest “LEMON” behaviors

First, make her invest more time and effort into you. The longer she talks to you… the less resistance she will have.

Did you ever wonder why car salesmen drag out the sales negotiations as long as possible? Because they know eventually you’re will power will diminish and you’ll buy the damn thing…

Well, its the same with girls. This is why if you’re out on a date with a girl… you must have a few places lined up to take her BEFORE going back to your place.


Else you can simply increase her DESIRE to the point where she just can’t say “no”…

It’s a trick that car salesman call “spiking the buying temperature”…

==> Do THIS to spike her desire for you

Make it happen!