Why Women Reject Men (And How To Overcome Rejection)

Paul Janka is a well known NYC pickup artist and the creator of the Attraction Formula

He has some very interesting views about picking up women… Here’s his opinion on why women reject men, and how to prevent rejection…


Why Women Reject Men (And How To Prevent Rejection)
By Paul Janka

Paul JankaGetting rejected by women we desire is a common problem, so don’t beat yourself up over it.

Every man goes through it and he either gives up, settles, or - if he’s lucky - learns how to overcome rejection by attractive women.

So why do women reject guys by making it obvious she’s “not interested”…?

Maybe the guy’s not rich enough…? Maybe he’s not tall enough?… Maybe…he’s not handsome…?

These are all WRONG!

I’ll give you the incredibly simple answer to why 1000’s of eligible men get rejected by hot women every day…

They give too much up-front!

It’s that simple. The sad truth is that a guy can be a real loser, but if he has the discipline to ration his attention, resources and time - women will flock to him.

I’ve seen it happen time and again.

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And unfortunately, a great guy with tons going for him can ruin his dating chances by giving too much, being too eager to please the girl…

But on the other hand, it also doesn’t work to ignore a woman or avoid her. You have to know when and how to give the little pieces of attention that work her into a frenzy!

Learning how to dole out attention in the courtship stage isn’t rocket science, but it isn’t obvious either. In fact, in many ways effective dating seems incredibly counter intuitive!

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