Why You Are Not Getting Laid

Here’s an article by Gunwitch, creator of the Gunwitch Method, on the three reasons why most guys are not getting laid…


Gun here from Way of Gun with a short article of recent basic stuff I have been working with guys on,

There are many internal reasons I have found lately that a guy may not be getting the sex life he wants.

Usually these are based on one of 3 things:


Some guys do not talk to, do not meet by accident, do not work with, do not know ANY women. Yet feel like a “loser” because they don’t get laid. This is simple logic of course.


A lot of times I work with a guy to the final conclusion of:

“I live with my parents and don’t want her to know that, how can I take her anyplace”

“I am too skinny, I don’t want her to see this”

“I am too fat I don’t want her to see this”

“I am not really attracted to them, I don’t care”

In other words…..


Yeah when you go out you may talk to some women and try to “game them” but if you know at some core level that you don’t wanna get laid for real, then you will not persist at any level.

There are 3 points you need to persist at:

A: To a rapport. You MUST stick in there and talk normally. If not, and you just walk away because of a dead spot in the conversation, you are lost always, because this is just how conversations go at first.

If you are not wanting to “have to” get to trying to lay her because you don’t even have an attraction to her, then you of course will walk away at the first sign of any difficulty.

B: To getting her alone with you. When you first ask a chick to go home with you or get alone with you she will usually hem and haw and say “oh I dunno if I should” etc. You have to persist past this.

If you are scared to take her home cause your house is stinky, your room mate doesn’t respect you and will bust her balls and yours when you go back, or your grandma is there, then you won’t bother to persist.

C: When making out and she says “we should stop” “I don’t know if we should be doing this”.

If you don’t want her to see your body. Or maybe you think you need a bigger dick, not realizing orgasm in human beings is all mental, and the physical is just a catalyst for it, you won’t bother to persist here either.


I am not talking some sort of “demonstrate value” type of thing here.

I am talking knowing you are better than other men in SOME way of some sort. You merely need to be the penis in her face, available at the moment in most cases.

BUT if you are yourself not feeling like you should be sexing this given chick, then of COURSE you wont try.

I mean do you think “she is so fit and I am just average I shouldn’t be with her” or “she wouldn’t want me”.

Or do you think “she is a rich girl and I work at this or that dumpy store I wouldn’t be valuable to her”?

Hell with all that. Realize you 100% will if you just try, break through all these barriers.

Really examine these things and find the ones you screw up on.

You WILL progress after dropping them and instead making effort.

No magic pill, just good old fashioned trying to lay chicks. All you really need to get started laying decent looking chicks is to get ya used to it as a reality/idea of your life.

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