“Wingman” on the FLN Channel with Michael Somerville

There’s a new show on the FLN channel called “Wingman” that premiered in February and airs Tuesdays at 9pm.

Michael Somerville is a wingman to several men and women and tries to make their dating lives more successful in this reality show.

Here’s the teaser trailer…

Wow, this show looks really BAAAAAAD!

Even after watching the trailer I have some questions… like…

…who the hell is Michael Somerville?

…and what the hell is the FLN?

With a little Googling I found my answers…

Michael Somerville is a stand up comedian who has appeared on a Comedy Central special. Why they would pick a comedian as the “wingman” is beyond me.

Next, FLN stands for Fine Living Network and is a sister channel to HGTV and the Food Network. It is available from select cable providers and both satellite companies.

That’s that!

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