Women are retards…

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Milton thinks women are retards…

…along with anyone who likes to take pictures for the sake of taking pictures (with the exception of photographers)…

Here is his description for the following video…

A rant about the idiot expectations of women.

And here’s his video…

Click here to see video

Parts of his rant were funny and some of it made sense but overall Milton reminds me of myself just a couple years ago.

I was confused, I was angry, I was average, I was frustrated…


Why is he taking the words that women say or write (for that matter even men) LITERALLY rather than determining the true meaning behind the words?

Understanding what people really mean by what they say or write is like trying to figure out why a baby is crying.

Does it want its bottle?

Is it tired?

Does it need to be burped?

The crying is a signal something is wrong… it doesn’t tell you exactly what is wrong though. You need to use your analytical skills to determine that.

Women are not retards. Overall I find them to be quite adaptive, observant and efficient.

They know how to weed out the weak very quickly.

Usually the guys who complain about them are the weak.

Spend your time wisely by bettering yourself rather than wasting it by ranting.

If somehow they are retards, they are retards because the majority of men are super retards.

It’s casual,

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