Women LOVE Drama… So GIVE It To Them!

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Tyler Tray is a dating expert who specializes in texting tips for guys…

Here’s an article by him about the importance of causing fake drama to excite girls…


Giving Women An Emotional “HIGH”
by Tyler Tray

Tyler TrayIf you’ve ever gone through one of my programs or joined my Dating Secrets Community - you’ll know that your role as a man is to make a girl FEEL.

Women experience life through their emotions, and “romance” is simply that – An experience that causes her to feel.

A woman’s need to feel her emotions is an addiction that she is constantly satisfying.

This is why women create DRAMA.

Drama and contention create powerful emotions that women like to experience because of the emotional charge it gives them.

It’s like a jolt of energy that fires up her chemical circuitry to get her “high” on emotion.

Women will always create drama anyway because they are addicted to the emotional excitement it brings. It’s not their fault, and it’s mostly an unconscious process. So even though she may say she hates drama. Her emotions CRAVE it.

Emotion precedes ACTION when it comes to having sex with a girl.

So creating drama might actually be BENEFICIAL for you.

You don’t want to actually create real drama, just “fake” drama.

For more info on how to create drama that you can control and that isn’t real so she can still get her “fix” - join my site and read the article.

Here’s a playful way of taking advantage of emotion.

Pretending to sound overly excited, sad, or mad in your texts is fun because it’s EXAGGERATED emotion.

People exaggerate all the time to add emotional impact – in fact it’s comical if you make it absurd or ridiculous for sarcastic humor.

It creates a fun alternate reality that she gets to indulge in without feeling guilty because it’s not real, and therefore it has no real consequences.

Like pretending to be a desperate pathetic guy, by saying “ur so hot, I would do anything just 2 b in ur presence…” “can I plz buy u something so u will give me attention, and hopefully get a chance 2 have sex with u.” Making fun of that type of guy means you’re not one of them.

By making fun or light of a situation means you’re a man that “gets it” when it comes to women. In other words, you know how to communicate to women on a level they find attractive and that you are worthy of her as a potential mate.

It’s having the attitude that you don’t really care what she thinks. This is attractive to a girl because all the other guys are kissing her ass and begging for her approval.

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Your Friend,
Tyler Tray


Tyler Tray is the founder of the Dating Secrets Community and creator of 7 Days To Online Dating Success and The Ultimate Texting Guide For Men

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  • K P
    March 26th, 2017 at 7:31 pm

    Some goose stuff from this Tyler guys. I had wanted to write an article on creating drama with women (fake drama), but I got beaten to it

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