The WORST Cliche Saying That INSTANTLY Turns A Woman OFF!

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Yesterday, I explained what NOT to say to a woman. Today I want to reveal the WORST cliche saying that turns women OFF.

Here it is.

Girl: Do you have any children?

Guy: None that I KNOW of.

Ugghhh. What a douchey thing to say!

So let’s follow the logic in that cliche comeback.

The guy thinks he’s being cute. He wants to portray himself as successful with women.

But what does the girl think?

If she takes the comment at face value, she would thing that the guy sleeps around a lot with random girls and doesn’t use a condom.

That’s bad. But what is even WORSE is what she really PERCEIVES when you say that cliche saying.

She actually thinks that he’s trying desperately to paint himself as a man who’s in-demand. But she knows from experience that he is in reality actually unsuccessful with women.

She’s INSTANTLY turned off.

You see, guys who are good with women demonstrate it by being a good socially. They have great body language. They exude confidence.

They DON’T beat a girl over the head with cliche bravado sayings while their actions speak otherwise.

So in conclusion, NEVER say that saying to neither man or woman. It’s PATHETIC and makes you look like a chump. Just tell her you have no children. Period.

Instead, use these powerful words and phrases. They will attack a girl’s subconscious mind and turn her ON.

She will instantly get an intense urge to sleep with you. This explicit video explains how it works.

It’s casual,

Mack Tight

Words to turn her on

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