You Can’t Change Others, You Can Only Change Yourself

I’m so sick of whining men..

They want to tell me how they are “forced into loneliness”..

They are “involuntarily celebate”..

They’ve “taken the red pill”..

They are “going their own way”..

No matter what they label themselves, it seems to always come down to them bitching about women, society, etc..

They demand that the world changes for them..

NEWSFLASH… it ain’t gonna happen!

No one’s lining up outside your house eagerly hoping to get past the red velvet rope to enter your pitty party..

I’m not trying to devalue your situation..

I agree with many of your assertions..

I just don’t think the rest of society today cares about the plight of the heterosexual man..

Your time is better spent evaluating how things are.. and then determining what YOU can change in yourself to take advantage of the current situation..

It’s not easy changing yourself..

It’s much easier blaming others and demanding they change..

Life is about constantly evaluating how things are changing around you.. and then figuring out how to change yourself to adapt..

Walmart is doing it.. They are focusing on the future rather than standing still and dwelling on the past..

It’s an unfair world out there.. accept that & move on..

Don’t end up like Kmart & Sears..

I hear about so many new “movements” who tell men seeking solutions to their problems what they want to hear..

Well, I’m not telling you what you WANT to hear..

I’m telling you what you NEED to hear!

Get off your ass.. start assessing your situation.. and fucking CHANGE!

It’s casual,

Mack Tight

P.S. - Stay tuned.. I’m going to give you an example soon on how I adapted and changed to make my dating life better..