Your job, your sex life and your enjoyment

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Mystery once said that if your job is interfering with you getting laid that you should “quit your fucking job”.

I think that people like to use their job as a lame excuse for why they are not getting laid.  No matter how demanding your job is there are always opportunities in your life to talk to women that you probably just aren’t taking advantage of.  If for some freak reason your job was to 100% stop you from getting laid then you still can’t use it as an excuse because you should be finding another job.   Mystery’s response was an effective way of saying “quit making excuses in your life for not getting laid”.

I think a more important question to ask is “Do you enjoy your job?”  If you do, your life will be much easier and you will have a more positive attitude.

I’ll be honest; I do not like what I do.  I am a computer programmer.    Neil Strauss says women think negatively of computer programmers.  He also suggests that computer programmers reword their job title to make it sound more interesting.  I have the profession that VH1 falsely gave Kosmo, “The Pick Up Artist” winner, because being an actor doesn’t sound geeky enough for someone who is supposedly not successful with women.  Being a programmer pays well and there is high demand but it is not glamorous and exciting.

I’ve many times considered quitting my job and doing something I like more.  My mind draws a blank though.  What could I do for a living that I enjoy and would pay enough money that I could sustain a reasonable standard of living?

The answer is “anything”.  Choose something that you like and do it on the side while you are still working the job that you do not like.  Eventually it should  gain enough steam that you will be able to quit your day job.

Do you need an example of “anything”?  How about shooting short videos of yourself guzzling beer while playing shitty old video games and swearing profusely.   That is what James Rolfe did.

He was a computer programmer just like me.  On the side he created a character “The Angry Video Game Nerd” (originally The Angry Nintendo Nerd) and shot videos.     The videos became so popular he quit his day job to have more time to make them.

His videos are so successful that he is in the top ten most subscribed and #45 for most viewed videos on YouTube.  To make those numbers even more impressive, his most recent videos aren’t even on YouTube.  He is now paid to post them on which is owned by Viacom.

The first video I saw of him is still my favorite.  It involves the NES game Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (NSFW due to language):

So quit using your job for an excuse and if you don’t like your job try doing something you like.  Playing shitty games still might not sound very enjoyable but I still bet it is more fun and rewarding than being cooped up in a cubicle writing C++ programs.

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